GC – Mark: Certified IT Security

GC – Mark: Certified IT Security

Information security has been a critical aspect of management for over twenty years.

With cloud computing becoming the norm, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

On top of that, the public is also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of data protection.

With the GC-Mark for IT Security, you have the opportunity to reassure your clients that you have a fully-fledged information security management system.

In order to qualify for IT Security certification, organizations must implement an information security management system that is equivalent to the international standard ISO/IEC 27001.

During an assessment, qualified DQS auditors will evaluate, amongst others, access control of your systems, its physical protection, maintenance, and human resources.

They also verify whether you have conducted a proper risk assessment and whether you are prepared to deal with incidents.

After a successful assessment, you can use the GC-Mark label to reassure clients and the public regarding data security and privacy.