Second Party Audits

Ensure and strengthen the image of your company and its products and services on the market. 

DQS second-party audits 

DQS second-party audits enable you to accurately as- sess the performance of your suppliers against specific requirements defined by you and/or management sys- tem standards applicable to your industry. 

Trust our long history of experience in management systems to support you with the development of your organizational requirements. 

“We will help your business succeed” 

With the help of custom-tailored second party assessment solutions, we put an independent set of eyes and ears on your operations worldwide. 

We ensure that your suppliers are maintaining and improving the standards you have specified. Our auditors will verify your suppliers compliance with all applicable requirements. 

Second-party audits will point out strengths and weak- nesses, show non-conformities and highlight improvement potential. 

Additionally they will help you to start communicating with your suppliers and take a joint step towards quality improvement of co-produced goods and services. 

Knowing your suppliers will ultimately strengthen your trust with regard to the products supply chain; a trust you can confidently display and pass on to your paying customers.